Why Seek Advice

1. Expert unbiased advice
The Advisers within The Mortgage Specialist are highly trained & qualified, providing unbiased Financial Advice to all our clients. We have been established in the Edinburgh area for 15 years, providing the very best in financial advice to our clients throughout that time.

2. Save your money
Get the best available deal to suit your personal requirements and circumstances using the Whole of The UK Marketplace.

3. Save your time
Using a Whole of Market Adviser such as ourselves means no walking around differing lenders. You meet us once, and we pick out the best deal for you. On top of this, due to our knowledge of the differing processes between lenders, we are able to process cases much faster in most cases than you could yourselves.

4. Paperwork
We do all your paperwork for you, thus taking away this headache.

5. Specialist advice
We also realise that not every client fits the mould, and our experience and expertise allows us to match the demands of the majority of clients, with the following being only a part of the more specialised areas we advise clients on.

  • Contract Worker mortgages
  • Workers Receiving Commission, Overtime and Bonus Payments
  • Buy to Let Investors including First Time Landlords (buy to let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority)