Protecting Yourself

Protecting Yourself, Your Family & Your Business
For any Mortgage or loan you take out, whether it be personal or commercial, It is always advisable to protect both yourself and the people you care about. The Financial Advisers within the Mortgage Specialist take great pride in providing the appropriate advice to all our clients, so when the worst happens, you may not lose your Home or Business.

As Whole of Market Financial Advisers we offer advice on all forms of protection/cover in the market, and from all Providers in the market, which ensures we get the right cover at the right price for our clients

Types of Cover

Life Assurance
Life Assurance is the cheapest way to protect your family if the worst happens. Fixed term life cover policies pay out a lump sum to help provide for your loved ones should you die within the term of the policy.

Critical Illness
If advisable you can also apply for Life cover with Critical Illness, to help protect yourself personally or / and your family if you are diagnosed with a specified critical illness.

Income Protection
Income protection is a permanent cover that replaces your income in the event of long term illness or disablement, and is usually advisable to cover you until retirement date or when your commitments cease.

Impaired Life?
At The Mortgage Specialist we also use Specialist Life Insurance providers that will cover those that other Insurance Companies will not touch.

Business Protection?
All the covers mentioned above can, and are used in the protection of businesses also.